• Obtain the ideal gift for your partner online!

    Posted on January 21, 2013 by swisswordpress

    My husband always craved to own a luxurious and automated watch due to its authenticity and demand in today’s emerging trend. I finally got him one for our seventh wedding anniversary. However, the next trouble that aroused in his mind was regarding the storing of the valuable gift for its sustaining condition. We were in search of an appropriate Watch Case that could perfectly fit our requirement.

    Then, with the recommendation of our mutual friend, we came across a website that offered watch winders at various stylish and quality designs. The online store,, provides an extensive range of the highest quality and luxurious pieces of these watch winders in materials like wood, leather, metal, plastic and much more. I was mesmerized and attracted to every single one of them. We finally decided to place an order for the Wood watch box because it perfectly fitted our budget and love for the craft.

    It is made of the finest quality and my husband is contented with its use since the very first day. Moreover, we have decided to present this unique product to our close relatives and friends. I am sure it will make an ideal and relevant gift for them to receive because of its quality, style and durability.

    Apart from these amazing Watch Boxes, the leading online store also specializes in providing other products such as watch bands, travel tie cases and jewelry boxes. They are all impressive and attractive and very reliable in their rates. I am pleased and relaxed on finding the credible store to gift my husband and recommend others too.

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  • Looking for a wonderful gift for your husband!

    Posted on January 3, 2013 by swisswordpress

    Are you familiar with the term watch case? It is actually a box that is used to keep your valuable watches. Comes up in plenty of materials include wood, leather, plastic, metal and other man-made materials. Have you ever wanted to gift your husband with a great item. Yes! It is right time to have this exclusive item for your sweet heart and showing your true commitment towards him. Surely, It will make your husband's day. I would like to share my personal experience with a wood watch box. On my birthday last year my family was too busy in an outside dispute and I thought that everyone has forgotten my special day. When I came back from the office, and entered my house I was surprised to see everyone. My wife offered me my gift and I was ecstatic to see a striking watch box.

    My wife purchased that item from which is one of the leading service providers for getting watch boxes, winders, cases, bands, travel tie cases and other fascinating accessories. I realized how lucky I am to have such a highly usable wood watch box to keep my watch and other watch accessories. I also prefer to keep my wedding watch in this box, as it is filled with emotional value. Leather watch cases are extremely durable and come in plenty ranges and models. I’m passionate for having watches of different brands and models. It provides a safe and secured place for keeping my precious and cherished watches. I now dont have to constantly search for my pieces whenever I am leaving the house or going out of town. Another plus is whenever it gets dirty it can easily be cleaned using cleaners. It is the sole gift that never loses its beauty and usage with the passing of time. So, go to and find a piece for you!

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  • Get luxurious and branded watch winders for automatic watches.

    Posted on January 3, 2013 by swisswordpress

    Automatic watches are the best mechanical device that runs in good condition for long. They are the best item that can be gifted to both men and women on a special occasion. However, it should be branded and require special cases for their long use. I was dying to buy a branded Automatic Watch as a gift for my husband’s birthday, but was scared as it would require a special watch winder. Trying to find a quality watch winder was difficult until I was told about "Swiss T Gallery" from a friend

    They are the best online retailer that provides high quality luxury piece watch winders to their customers. They provide ideally suited watch winders for both men and women at a very reasonable price. Watch winders are the best investment that you will not regret with time. "Swiss T Gallery" provide several products which include winders, cases, bands, travel tie cases and jewelry boxes.

    Their product will reflect a meticulous finish and elegant style that will allow you to make irresistible purchases. All their products are default electric watch winders that will make you feel proud after owning them. You can also get a variety of Rolex Watch Winders. The Black Wood Finish and Black Carbon Fiber Interior will provide an attractive place that will accent all the watches that are currently the most popular in the market.

    They also provide battery watch winders in attractive shapes and sizes. If you desire a high gloss ebony finish along with a black leather interior for attractive Volta watch winders they have that available. You can also use their products for sleep mode and can use batteries for the LCD controller, which is helpful if there is a power shortage. "Swiss T Gallery" provides a 30 day refund policy for unused and resalable products.

    So, feel free to opt for their services.

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  • Watch winder! An obsessed gift item

    Posted on November 14, 2012 by swisswordpress

    People love to have automatic watches, because of its classic styles, sophistication and features. However, if you have an automatic watch, need to be a little bit aware about its maintenance and care to ensure seamless performance. I’m truly passionate for my classic automatic watch. However, I had to check my watch after every 24 hour to ensure its winding. A few months ago, my birthday was arrived and my wife gave me lovely and adorable Single watch winders for me. My wife made my day with fascinating watch wider, as I’m a watch lover. I always keep my cherished grandfather watch in this winder and whenever I want miss him, I wear it. Leather watch winders are also quite popular these days, keep watch mechanism in continuous motion, as if you have worn it.

    I personally suggest, to find out superb quality watch winder, watch boxes and bands at great ranges. Once I purchased Leather watch cases for my friend’s anniversary. Believe me! Professionals offer truly exceptional designs and models for watch boxes. I selected only one piece for my friend. Watches cases are just not for displaying classic automatic watches, but it also protects the valuable watch from environmental elements. I’ve many classic watches and 3 watch winders that protect my valuable timepiece whenever I don’ wear it. If you leave your automatic watch into the drawer or cupboard for many days, have an elegant watch winder for you. It amazingly works!

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    Posted on October 14, 2012 by swisswordpress

    Watches are not just worn to see time but it has become an essential accessory now-a-days for both men as well as women. People buy very expensive watches mainly because they are very fond of it or just to show off to the world. Automatic watches are in demand these days in which the mainspring is wound automatically. The watch gets energy from the natural motion of the wearer's arm to run. People who do not wear these watches everyday needs to store them protectively. There are wide varieties of Watch Box available in the market to keep the watches safely. Some watches have complications like perpetual calendars or moon phases and people want to keep their automatic watches wound in such cases.

    There are many companies offering high quality of black wood watch winders in reasonable prices. SwissTgallery has years of experience in providing luxurious watch winders of the finest quality for the customers who want to keep their watches operating at the full potential for as long as they own it. Black wood watch winders can hold one or more watches and move them in circular patterns, like the human movement, which will keep the self-winding mechanism working. Their watch winders are extremely stylish to display your fine time pieces to everybody.

    SwissTgallery offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed on their products. The products are highly durable and you can completely rely on them for your precious watches. I highly recommend their top-notch range of watch winders that are available in competitive prices.

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  • Watch Cases: What to Look For

    Posted on September 25, 2012 by SwissTGallery

    Whether you have a vast collection or a few luxury watches a good watch case is essential for maintaining their appearance and holding their value. When making the sound decision to purchase a watch case, there are many to choose from in fact, there are thousands. Each case brags that it will be the perfect place to rest your collection but not all cases are made equally. To help put you in the right direct, we have compiled a list of what to look for when choosing your case.

    Pillows: Firm oval-shaped pillows. If leather isn’t in the budget, fleece-covered pillows are nice as well, as long as they’re at least 45 mm thick by 75 mm long. Having pillows with removable outer sleeves are also great so you can fit them to your smaller watches if need be.
    Compartment Dimensions: As a general rule of thumb, 50 mm wide with 10 mm dividers leaves enough room for the largest dive watches. The divider width is commonly overlooked but is very important to remember in order to prevent your watches from touching.
    Compartment Depth: Deeper is better. 45 mm deep is the minimum (measured from the floor of the compartment to the top of the divider), with at least another 20 mm of depth in the lid. The best case scenario would be 55+ mm deep with a 20-30+ mm lid depth. Make sure the compartment walls are tall enough to support both the pillow and the watch.

    Lining: Leather, high-quality fleece, or microfiber is best.

    Other Features: Cases with clear tops are great because it gives you the opportunity to look at your timeless time pieces every day. Also, if you have a solar-powered watch, the clear cover provides enough light to keep it charged which is an important point.
    As far as the number of watches the case should hold, that's up to you. Some believe that having one large case is the way to go, while others think having several small cases are easier to organize and maintain. Now that you’re ready to browse, take a moment to check out our watch cases! Click here.

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  • Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Investment in Luxury Watches

    Posted on September 25, 2012 by SwissTGallery

    Like precious metals, cars, and electronics, luxury watches are becoming an increasingly attractive investment to many. The downside is that like other luxury items, they lose some value as soon as you walk out of the store. The upside? There are ways to maintain value over the years and protect your investment. Moving forward, we will look at what these ways are and why they are not just helpful but necessary to holding your watch collections value.

    1.) Automatic Watch Winder
    The best way to protect your collection is to purchase a top quality automatic watch winder. Automatic watch winders are used to keep automatic (also known as self winding) watches running when they are not being worn. If you’re a collector, it’s not likely that you’re wearing all of your collection at the same time, thus an automatic watch winder is essential to keep your collection running. While virtually all automatic watches can be manually wound, this is not usually convenient.

    2.) Top Quality Watch Case
    Aside from keeping your collection organized and ascetically pleasing to those who may get to see your pride and joy, watch cases are essential to reduce dust particles from entering your collection. Additionally, the pillows in a top quality case help to keep your watch bands shape.

    3.) Cleaning
    It may seem obvious, but some collectors get so caught up in the excitement of adding a new watch to their collection, that they completely forget to upkeep the older ones. Like anything else, developing a routine cleaning ritual will always help to protect your investment.
    These are the top three ways you can protect your collection. Each of the items listed about come at a price, but obviously the price you pay for these items will add to your ROI in the future. After all, you wouldn’t buy a BMW without expecting scheduled maintenance, nor would you buy an iPhone without expecting to have to update its software from time to time.

    For more information on choosing the right automatic watch winder, check this out: All You Should Know About Automatic Watch Winders

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  • Your guide to watch winders and their usages

    Posted on November 14, 2011 by SwissTGallery


    In this competitive world of today, there is no place for delay. The entire career of a person is decided in matter of seconds and it takes no effort to lose all that you have amassed all your life. Owning a watch is thus one of the most basic requisites today and there is no human who would deny the absolute necessity of having one. A watch winder is a very important add on if you own a watch that is not automated. Read along to get an insight on the various aspects of a single watch winder and the necessity of the dual watch winder.


    Taking of its mechanical making, the watch winder is a simple device that works on the principle of motor and rotator. These types of watches that need a self-winding or automatic watch winder to keep running are called self-winding watches. The common watches of today contain quartz that provides the required kinetic energy to wind the tiny gears and weights that form the internal make-up of the watches. Older watches and exotic collectibles still work on the gravitational pull mechanism and depend on either the user to wind it manually after a certain specific period or the use of a single watch winder to do the same. The electrical motor in an automatic watch winder winds the gear system on its own even when you do not wear the watch for prolonged periods.


    A dual watch winder works exactly the same way as the singular watch winder with the only difference being the number of watches you can regulate with it at the same time. As the name suggests, the dual watch winder is capable of winding two watches and hence is more effective.


    There are several advantages of using winders as they save time and effort spent in winding the watches manually. In addition, they increase the mechanical efficiency and overall longevity of the watches.


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  • All should know about watch winders

    Posted on November 14, 2011 by SwissTGallery


    Time and tide wait for none. The practical implication of this old English proverb comes blazing to us even today when lives are made or ruined in matter of seconds. In a world where a minute late is an opportunity lost, there is a high value for people who make it on time. Watches become one of the most important, almost indispensible accessories worn by men and women today. A watch winder is thus an important device that simplifies our lives substantially.


    First and foremost, before talking further about the various types of winders like automatic watch winder or the single watch winder, it is best to know the mechanism used in a watch winder.

    Just the way we recharge ourselves before starting the day by taking a breakfast, the function of a watch winder is to recharge the watch. Unlike the quartz, watches that we find nowadays, self or automatic non-quartz watches need some mechanism to keep them working. An automatic watch winder does just the same in models that do not have quartz in their composition. Mechanically, a winder consists of a motor and a rotator on a platform that winds the watch automatically and keeps it in working condition when not in use. Most of the single watch winders or for that matter any watch winder has three major benefits. It not only saves a lot of time but also gives mental satisfaction that no matter how many days you do not wear it, the watch would still continue working. It enhances the longevity of the watch and most importantly prevents the unnecessary wear and tear caused due to winding it manually, every day.


    One of the most interesting inventions in this field is a dual watch winder. Where the single winder is suited to wind one watch, this dual winder can be used to keep in shape two watches at the same time!

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  • The Latest Trend Of Automatic Watches Is Grabbing Eyeballs

    Posted on October 12, 2011 by SwissTGallery


    The current scenario in the watch market shows that more people are investing in automatic watches, which in turn increasing the sale of automatic watch winder as well. The reason behind huge demand for automatic watches lies in the fact that these watches are a kind of investment and gain tremendous value over time. Hence, the collectors of these automatic watches are growing as well. It is a common phenomenon with watch collector that soon after buying a collection of 6 watches they would look for 6 Watch Winder in order to preserve their ongoing collection.


    Growing Popularity Of Automatic Watch

    Similarly when a person invests in 8 watches at one go or collect over a period of time, he goes ahead to buy a 8 watch winder. In this way, the collection of both the products increases. The automatic watches work with the combination of springs, rotor and gears, which operates perfectly when it is on the wrist of the wearer due to the perpetual motion. However, when the same person chooses another watch to use on a day, the previous watch remains unused.


    Use Of Automatic Watch Winder

    This makes the watch to stop working for some days. However, when the same person wants to wear it next time he would again have to set the springs and gear in place. This maintains the value and accuracy of automatic watches as well. Hence, in order to maintain the perpetual motion automatic watch winder is required and this prompts the collectors to buy them. One can go for 6 watch winder, 8 watch winder, etc. according to the collection of watches. The automatic watch winder is an intelligent product. It would work just as the wrist of the wearer, which starts and stops according to the motion, just as the wrist of an individual would move.


    Availability Of Different Types Of Automatic Watch Winder

    The 6 watch winder or 8 watch winder is created in a way to support all kinds of watches. The collector would then want to buy different kinds of beautiful automatic watch winder as well. The prices of the products vary according to the size, shape, design and the number of watches that an automatic watch winder can hold. Like the 8 watch winder is more expensive than 6 watch winder.

    Popularity Of Alligator Watch Bands

    Some people are very fond of alligator watch bands, they can go to any extent to buy them and can pay huge sum of money as well. The alligator watch bands are available in different colors and styles for both men and women. It has been declared illegal to poach crocodiles and alligators. This is the reason for less availability and high price of alligator watch bands.

    Tips To Buy Alligator Watch Bands

    There are certain things, which you need to keep in mind while buying alligator watch bands from the market or online store. These are as follows:


    • Always buy from reliable store
    • Check for stock in different stores and buy the best product
    • Always compare the prices of different store
    • Look for customer feedback for the products
    • Ask for proof of authenticity
    • Choose secured method of payment to avoid fraudulence

    If you follow these points you would be able to buy yourself a quality product.



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