How to Select a Humidor

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A humidor is an excellent gift for a cigar aficionado. Here are some gifts for selecting one.

A humidor stores cigars at the correct humidity level in order to improve their flavor. If a cigar is too humid, it becomes mushy. If it is too dry, the cigar becomes brittle. A cigar should not be stored in the cigar box it came in. Instead, it should be stored in a humidor.

The first thing to consider is how often the person smokes cigars or gives them to friends. Small boxes that store fewer than 100 cigars are readily available for less than $100. Humidors that hold more than 300 cigars are also available for not much more.

A good humidor should have a hygrometer to ensure optimal conditions. It should also have built-in humidifiers and scratch-resistant felt liners. The interior should be made of cedar or some other aromatic wood. The cigars will pick up the scent of the surrounding wood and thus taste even better.

There are humidors with windows and display shelves. These are ideal for those who enjoy the differences between cigars. On the other hand, a plain wooden box makes an elegant way to present a fine cigar to a guest. Those who have a flair for the unusual may enjoy a pyramid-shaped humidor rather than the usual rectangular box.

A humidor adds a touch of elegance to any man's study. He will appreciate the ability to store his valued collection in an attractive, durable unit intended specifically for his treasures.

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