How to Choose a Gift Jewelry Box

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A jewelry box is a perfect gift idea for any woman. Here is what to look for in a fine jewelry box.

Quality workmanship is very important. Jewelry boxes found in discount stores are nice, but sooner or later the poor quality will show: Doors will fall off. The finish will be easily scratched. The lining will come out. By spending a little extra for a high-quality jewelry box, you will be assured that the piece will last for a long time.

Consider the recipient's needs. Does she own a lot of earrings? Then invest in a jewelry box in which she can assign each pair its own special slot so she can find them easily. Does she have a lot of pieces of sentimental value? Then give her a jewelry box with lots of small drawers so she can give each one a place of honor.

Consider the décor of the room. Jewelry boxes come in many finishes. Choose one that fits the décor of room in which it will be stored. Also, consider how compact the box should be. If she does not have a lot of space on her dressing table, she would appreciate a jewelry box that closes up to fit a smaller space.

Make sure the lining of the jewelry box is secure. The lining is intended to prevent the jewelry from becoming scratched and tarnished. Make sure the lining is securely in place.

Look for added features: A mirror is nice to allow her to check the effect of each piece as she puts it on. Necklace hooks allow her to prevent chains from dangling.

A jewelry box is a beautiful gift that will give her pleasure for many years to come. Be sure to buy a high-quality box that will last.

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