What is a Watch Winder?

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Many people have probably never heard of a watch winder. Only those who collect watches really know what a watch winder is. Basically, it keeps any self winding watch running when it’s not being used as an every day time piece. Self winding watches wind themselves via a moving weight. This weight is rotated by the movement of the arm while the watch is being worn. However, when it’s not being worn, the watch can quickly run down.

To avoid this, watches can be placed in a watch winder. A watch winder can hold one or more watches and keep them all running while they aren’t being worn. It does this by moving the watch in a circular motion. This keeps the weight inside the watch moving just as if the watch was being worn.

While you may be afraid of over-winding your watch, it’s not possible. Automatic watches have a small mechanism that automatically stops the weight from moving, thus keeping it from over-winding. This way, you can leave your watches in your watch winder for as long as you want without worrying about causing them any damage. Actually, only about 30 minutes of movement is necessary to keep an automatic watch wound. After that, the weight is locked in place.

You don’t absolutely need to purchase a watch winder unless you have multiple automatic watches. If you wear only one watch at a time and aren’t worried about your older automatic watches running down, then you may not need a watch winder. However, if you’re going to collect automatic watches and want them all keeping time, you’ll need to invest in some watch winders.

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