The Three Types of Watch Winders

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There are many different automatic watch winders available on the market today, but not all of them are the same.  While style and design do vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, what also varies is the overall type of watch winder. Watch winder companies generally categories their watch winders as strictly functional, very elegant, or simply extravagant.

Functional watch winders simply keep your watched wound.  They are mostly simple devices that hold your watches.  Often, these functional watch winders don’t have a door or other cover—the watch sites right on the exterior of the winder.  This means you’ll need a table or shelf to put the winder on.  Some of these functional watch winders move watches around in patterns that resemble carousels or even carnival rides.  Generally, these are the cheapest automatic watch winders since they don’t provide any extra frills.

Elegant watch winders, on the other hand, are a little fancier.  They are usually fully enclosed boxes, which mean your watches will be better protected and the device will look nicer overall.  They’re usually made of high quality, finished wood that gleams.  You can display these watch winders on a table or desk, and some of the most expensive ones even hang on the wall.  Elegant watch winders may hold as few as a couple watches or can hold a dozen or so.

Finally, there’s the really extravagant automatic watch winder.  There are a number of different high-end watch winders, many of which feature a ton of extras.  Some actually have small heaters in them to keep the watches near the human body temperature.  Others have drawers for storing your watch accessories.  Many are hung on the wall and display your watches through glass doors.  If you don’t see a watch winder you like, you can even have one custom-made with any unique features you like.

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