Features of an Automatic Watch Winder

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When it comes to purchasing an automatic watch winder, there are several things you need to pay attention to. The size of the watch winder, while important, is not the only factor in deciding which one to purchase. There are other things you should take into consideration.

The first is the motor. Many watch winders feature a loud motor that you can hear whenever you're in the room. This can be especially disruptive if you keep your watch collection in your home office or library. The constant noise can be enough to drive you crazy. These loud motors are a sign of an inefficient, cheaply built watch winder. If you're OK with this loud noise, then you can save a bit of money and buy a cheap winder. However, if you're a true collector, you want a watch winder that is well-built, and that includes a quiet motor. This will mean paying a bit more, of course, but the silence may be well worth it.

Some watch winder motors also only move in one direction. This means the motion is somewhat repetitive, and this repetitive motion can actually cause extra wear on a watch's winding mechanism. If you'll be constantly keeping a watch in the winder (which you shouldn't do-you should wear a watch at least once a week), you'll want a watch winder that includes a variable direction motor.

You may also want to purchase a watch winder with a timer. This allows you to set the watch winder to only operate for an hour or so, then stop for several hours. This insures that your watches will not be over-wound. You can also purchase watch winders that run off of alternative power sources-some can run on both batteries and on AC power. Keep all of these features in mind when you're looking to purchase a watch winder and you won't be disappointed.

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