Watch Winders for Women

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Many people think that collecting watches is a man’s hobby, and for the most part, they would be correct.  More men collect wrist watches than women, but that doesn’t mean there are no women who are into the hobby.  In fact, there are.  Some women, though, don’t actively collect watches, but they do own a watch that needs winding.  For these women, there are some specially made watch winders that look a bit more feminine.

Serious female wrist watch collectors will, of course, want the more professional, serious looking watch winders.  They will probably need the larger watch winders, too, which are usually only made in one style.  These smaller, more feminine watch winders often only hold one or two watches since they’re aimed at the amateur who isn’t looking to expand her collection.

What makes these watch winders look more feminine?  Well, they’re generally available in colors, for one.  They’re not just the standard wooden watch winders.  Instead, they’re often covered in fabric.  This fabric can be anywhere from white, black, or brown to brighter colors like red, blue, and even pink.  Some also look softer—they’re not as boxy or have as many edges.

Just because these watch winders don’t look the same as standard watch winders doesn’t mean they don’t work as well.  These watch winders work just as well as any other watch winder you’ll find.  They’re guaranteed to keep your own watches wound up or protect those precious family heirloom watches that you want to keep in perfect condition.

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