Where will you Keep your Wooden Cigar Humidor?

Posted on June 11, 2009 by SwissTGallery There have been 0 comments

Thinking of a wooden cigar humidor conjures a series of images in my mind, I think about what kind of cigar does it hold, who is the man who owns it, does he keep it on a great wooden desk where he does his work or perhaps somewhere more out of the way to be plucked of its precious contents after an especially special occasion.  For a great smoker. a cigar is an investment, it is an investment that one day will yield a steady stream of pleasure, concentration, and relaxation.  And if the chosen brand of cigar is an investment, then a wooden cigar humidor is the bank you keep it in.  It is not surprising that throughout time so many great cigar lovers have shown an almost equal affection in the choosing and maintenance of their humidors.  After all a poorly maintained humidor can ruin a precious stash of cigars.  So, what sort of cigar do you most love, and what style of wooden cigar humidor will you keep it in?

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