Purchasing a Wooden Watch Winder

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One of the most beautiful types of watch winders out there are wooden watch winders.  While some watch winders are encased in metal or even a type of plastic, these watch winders are sometimes cheaper looking and oftentimes not very high quality at all.  However, automatic watch winders made out of wood not only look amazing but they’re usually very good quality as well.

Watch winders can be made out of any type of wood, of course, but some of the most popular are cherry and oak.  Just like any type of product, of course, you do want to be careful when you’re selecting a wooden watch winder.  Some simply have a fake wood finish, and while they may look nearly the same, they won’t be of the same quality as a watch winder that’s made from 100 percent wood.  If you’re buying your watch winder online, inquire as to what wood is used if the site doesn’t say.  Some may say something like “made from natural wood,” but they won’t give you the actual wood name.  Find out before you buy.

Because wooden watch winders come in a variety of woods and finishes, you may want to take a little time in selecting one.  You want your wooden watch winder to compliment the room you put it in.  If it’s going to be hung on the wall near some wooden bookshelves, you may want to try to match the color of the shelves and the winder.  Likewise, if you decide you need to purchase an additional watch winder later, you may want to buy one that is made from the same wood and finished in a similar finish to the one you already have so the two make a very nice display.

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