Wolf Designs: The History of an Automatic Watch Winder Company

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One of the top companies to product the automatic watch winder was Wolf Designs.  Founded in 1834, the company is still owned by the same family today—the third generation of the family, in fact.  Wolf Designs is known for creating high quality display and storage cases for watches of all times, and while they’ve only recently started producing watch winders, they have applied their same dedication to quality to the winders they make.

One of the things Wolf Designs is known for is that they keep their products and their product designs as simple and as clean as they can.  They don’t put any sort of stamps or other markers on their products, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than displaying your watches in a sleek, classy looking watch winder.

Their new 2.0 automatic watch winder has several different settings.  You can decide if it winds the watches clockwise, counter-clockwise, bi-directionally, or even set it to not wind at all during certain times, such as while you’re sleeping.  In fact, each setting defaults to winding for a certain amount of time and then going into sleep mode so that it doesn’t over-wind the watches.  In fact, the Watch Winder 2.0 was designed to simulate wearing a watch, so your watches will be wound in the best way possible.  Some cheaper watch winders run all the time, but that’s certainly not good for your collectibles.  Don’t go for the cheaper option—buy a quality automatic watch winder so your watches will never get damaged.

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