Buying Her a Wooden Jewelry Box

Posted on July 20, 2009 by SwissTGallery There have been 0 comments

If you’re looking for a great gift for a woman, jewelry is always an option. What woman wouldn’t love to open a small box to find a nice set of earrings, a beautiful bracelet, or an elegant necklace? But where does she put all of this jewelry? One way of making your jewelry gift a little more interesting is to hide it inside a wooden jewelry box.

Jewelry boxes come in all types—you’ll find glass ones, porcelain ones, even metal ones, but a wooden jewelry box offers several things that these other types of boxes don’t. For one thing, many wooden jewelry boxes are completely hand made. The attention to detail that the woodworker put into the box can be amazing. They usually do more than simply put together a square box. Many take the time to carve unique designs into it. Some may even use wood burning tools to burn pictures into the lid and sides. Some woodworkers who also paint will paint gorgeous images across the box.

While you can find wooden jewelry boxes in a number of places, you can also custom-order them if you know someone who is into woodworking. By working with the woodworker in designing the box, you can help create a unique piece of art that only your friend, relative, or wife will have. This makes the gift of the wooden jewelry box even more special.

There is one last way of getting her a wooden jewelry box: make it yourself. If you have the equipment or can borrow a friend’s equipment, you can create your own wooden jewelry box for her and really surprise her with your work.

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