The Elegance of Wooden Watch Winders

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There are many different types of watch winders out there, and while they have different looks and different styles, one thing is certain: they almost always look very elegant and sleek. This is because most watch winders are made out of wood. Yes, there are some that are made from metal or other materials, but the ones made out of pure wood are some of the finest watch winders you’ll ever see. Just imagine how great a wooden watch winder will look among the paneled walls of your library, study, or office.

Wooden watch winders come in a variety of forms. There are the small one and two sized watch winders that sit on tables or desks, and then there are the large 12 or 16 piece watch winders that you can hang on the wall. There are even some huge 24 piece wooden watch winders that can display huge watch collections and keep them in perfect running order.

What does a wooden watch winder have that other types of watch winders don’t? The main difference is in the look. Wooden watch winders have that old time, quality look about them that is sure to fit in with any décor. The fact that you can find wooden watch winders made from various woods, including ash, oak, and cherry, means that you can find one to match your room. It also makes it very easy to find two or three different watch winders that match, something you may need to do if you expand your watch collection at some point.

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