The Eilux Double Automatic Watch Winder

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Having more then 20 years of understanding in high-end timepiece producing, the engineering team of Eilux has developed the most dependable watch winders worldwide at the present.


The features that an Eilux watch winder includes are:


1. An Eilux watch winder has a distinctive anti-bacterial watch add-on design that thwarts the moisture as well as mould to build in the inner workings of the watches and on top of the leather watch bands and metallic bands.

2. An Eilux watch winder has an especially- lengthy battery life of 12 months.

3. An Eliux watch winder functions so silently that owners more or less fail to remember that they’re on.

4. An Eliux watch winder is characterized by an Especially-sophisticated super metallic conductor motor which guarantees the most favorable winding performance and watch resilience.

5. It has elevated performance, shock defiant, steady winding movements and laser regulated rotor arrangements which make available to the owners the most favorable winding angles for their watches.


Below we will have a look at the features of the Eilux Double Automatic Watch Winder - Black Leather which is an automatic dual watch winder from Eilux.


Eilux Double Automatic Watch Winder - Black Leather


This automatic Eilux double watch winder having with its black colored leather external is characterized by a somewhat arced diagonal display window which is going to put on show a couple of fine watches to perfection. It is powered on batteries (C size) that last till 8 months. It’s a winder which is never going to look out of place on the top of your desk /dresser.


This automatic Eilux double watch winder is famous for exclusive manufacturing as well as design. It’s practically soundless motors are never going to bother your slumber. Adaptable controls let you set the winders to have room for the requirements of the majority of the brand names of excellent automatic timepieces. A holder that is leaded with a spring regulates in fitting timepieces of a lot of dimensions precisely and holds them steadily, with their being no possibility of damage.


Characteristics of this Eilux double watch winder are:


  • This Eilux double watch winder is prepared from black colored leather finish having clear display top
  • The  interior of   this Eilux dual watch winder is black and has adaptable watch pillow
  • This Eilux dual watch winder is characterized by a motor having numerous settings
  • This double watch winder is powered by batteries (C size) till 8 months or by AC adapter that’s included with the pack.
  • Pilot light cycle indicator
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Dimensions are 9.2 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches  and it weighs 9.00lbs
  • This dual watch winder has three disconnect programmable winder heads, each of which is able to be set for diverse rotation.
  • It is characterized by a Storage tray to keep extra timepieces or accessories.



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