All should know about watch winders

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Time and tide wait for none. The practical implication of this old English proverb comes blazing to us even today when lives are made or ruined in matter of seconds. In a world where a minute late is an opportunity lost, there is a high value for people who make it on time. Watches become one of the most important, almost indispensible accessories worn by men and women today. A watch winder is thus an important device that simplifies our lives substantially.


First and foremost, before talking further about the various types of winders like automatic watch winder or the single watch winder, it is best to know the mechanism used in a watch winder.

Just the way we recharge ourselves before starting the day by taking a breakfast, the function of a watch winder is to recharge the watch. Unlike the quartz, watches that we find nowadays, self or automatic non-quartz watches need some mechanism to keep them working. An automatic watch winder does just the same in models that do not have quartz in their composition. Mechanically, a winder consists of a motor and a rotator on a platform that winds the watch automatically and keeps it in working condition when not in use. Most of the single watch winders or for that matter any watch winder has three major benefits. It not only saves a lot of time but also gives mental satisfaction that no matter how many days you do not wear it, the watch would still continue working. It enhances the longevity of the watch and most importantly prevents the unnecessary wear and tear caused due to winding it manually, every day.


One of the most interesting inventions in this field is a dual watch winder. Where the single winder is suited to wind one watch, this dual winder can be used to keep in shape two watches at the same time!

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