Watch Cases: What to Look For

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Whether you have a vast collection or a few luxury watches a good watch case is essential for maintaining their appearance and holding their value. When making the sound decision to purchase a watch case, there are many to choose from in fact, there are thousands. Each case brags that it will be the perfect place to rest your collection but not all cases are made equally. To help put you in the right direct, we have compiled a list of what to look for when choosing your case.

Pillows: Firm oval-shaped pillows. If leather isn’t in the budget, fleece-covered pillows are nice as well, as long as they’re at least 45 mm thick by 75 mm long. Having pillows with removable outer sleeves are also great so you can fit them to your smaller watches if need be.
Compartment Dimensions: As a general rule of thumb, 50 mm wide with 10 mm dividers leaves enough room for the largest dive watches. The divider width is commonly overlooked but is very important to remember in order to prevent your watches from touching.
Compartment Depth: Deeper is better. 45 mm deep is the minimum (measured from the floor of the compartment to the top of the divider), with at least another 20 mm of depth in the lid. The best case scenario would be 55+ mm deep with a 20-30+ mm lid depth. Make sure the compartment walls are tall enough to support both the pillow and the watch.

Lining: Leather, high-quality fleece, or microfiber is best.

Other Features: Cases with clear tops are great because it gives you the opportunity to look at your timeless time pieces every day. Also, if you have a solar-powered watch, the clear cover provides enough light to keep it charged which is an important point.
As far as the number of watches the case should hold, that's up to you. Some believe that having one large case is the way to go, while others think having several small cases are easier to organize and maintain. Now that you’re ready to browse, take a moment to check out our watch cases! Click here.

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