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  • Tips for Looking After Your Jewelry Box

    Posted on November 28, 2008 by SwissTGallery

    A jewelry box is used to provide protection for your precious jewelry. However, it is only if you manage to keep your jewelry box intact and in good condition that it will work in doing the job it was meant to, i.e. protecting all your rings, bracelets and necklaces from dust and dirt.

    It is important that you not only clean your jewelry but also your jewelry box to make it stand the test of time. Remember that it is the jewelry box that gets exposed to dirt, sunlight and other elements and this can lead to the tarnishing of the jewelry box. It is only by cleaning and polishing the box regularly that you will be able to keep it beautiful for many years to come.

    Make it a point to dust the jewelry box on a regular basis or whenever you clean the house. By dusting the jewelry box you protect your precious jewelry as it prevents dust from entering the box through its seams and openings.

    If you have a wooden jewelry box, you could also polish it periodically. This is because as wood loses its luster with time, so polishing it gives a longer lasting patina. All you need is a simple wood cleaner to polish the wooden jewelry box. However, depending on the wood, you could also polish the box using specific wood cleaners that give the best shine to the box.

    Besides dusting and polishing the jewelry box, you have to ensure that it is kept in a safe place away from sunlight and water to maintain its beauty and style. Even placing the box on a window subjects it to sunlight, so avoid this. Similarly, keep the box away from the splashing water of the bathroom sink or bath as it can leave unattractive marks and stains on the jewelry box.

    By taking all these precautions, your jewelry box will last longer to help keep your jewelry safe and clean for a longer time.

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  • An Introduction to Watch Winder Boxes

    Posted on November 23, 2008 by SwissTGallery

    Watch winder boxes are, as the name suggests, boxes that are used to keep automatic watches running. One reason to buy a watch winder box is so you can store a watch that is not worn regularly but will always be in working order should you need it. Everybody owning a quality self winding watch should buy a watch winder box store the watch and keep it “ticking” over.

    These watch winder boxes are usually made of wood and some have a glass side for viewing purposes. There are also some watch winder boxes that come with a rotating device for easy display of your watch.

    As mentioned, there are some watch winder boxes that are created from wood, while others come with a beautiful leather exterior. Average priced watch winder boxes though, are usually completely enclosed and cannot be used for viewing purposes. These boxes come with A/C or batteries to keep the winder functioning.

    The price range of watch winder boxes and cases vary according to the material that is used in its manufacture. In fact, most of them could appear rather expensive, but it’s an investment that is worth its function of maintaining a treasured watch in working order. There are even some cases that have built in storage units, while others have heating elements, which all leads to a more expensive watch winder box.

    The reason some watch winder boxes come with a heating element is to maintain a consistent temperature, comparable to that of the human body. The reason for this heat is that most of the self winding watches are meant for wrist wear. These watches therefore, should be maintained at body temperature while storing, to avoid any damage and deterioration to the watch.

    Watch winder boxes are a worthy investment for those having treasured family timepieces or exquisite timepieces that cannot be worn on a regular basis. With watch winder boxes, it is possible to maintain and preserve the watch to ensure a longer life to its owner. 

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  • Tips To Find the Best Watch Winders

    Posted on November 17, 2008 by SwissTGallery

    Watch winders can also be used for protecting expensive, exquisite watches as well as those watches that are part of a family heirloom. There are different types of watch winder boxes available today, which you can choose and buy, depending on the material it is made of, its additional features and of course, your budget.

    Like all products, people always look for a watch winder with maximum features, at minimal rates. In addition to these factors, people look for the warranty term before buying a watch winder box, as it determines the reliability of the box.

    Today, there are different types of watch winder boxes available. They are made from metal, wood or plastic, and some come with advanced features that are found in the expensive watch winding devices.

    The different features found in watch winder boxes involve cushioned interior surfaces, standard winding mechanism, a mechanism that firmly secures the watch and polished exteriors that improve the look of the watch winder box.

    To help choose the best watch winder box, it would be better to make a comparison of all watch winder boxes. This means that you have to compare things such as prices, manufacturer’s profile, customer feedbacks of the box, the type and period of available after sales service and of course, the warranty period.

    Like most things in life, improvements in technology will lead to the development of more features and types of watch winder boxes, therefore even the best watch winder of today may be considered redundant tomorrow. To avoid this, you could buy a watch winder that is designed to easily add new features that are brought about by advancements in technology.

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  • Tips To Take Care of Your Cigar Humidor

    Posted on November 13, 2008 by SwissTGallery

    Everything in life has to be maintained to extend its longevity; cars, swimming pools, watches and even your cigar humidor. Without the proper care and maintenance, all the money that is spent on buying these items could be wasted. This is why cigar hobbyists spend lots of time and money in maintaining their expensive cigar humidor.

    To ensure that a humidor functions properly, you have to season the cigar humidor; this is regardless of the price of the humidor. You have to line its interior with Spanish cedar or mahogany as these woods hold humidity well and have a natural anti-fungal that helps resist mold. However ensure that this wood is kiln dried as kiln dried wood easily absorbs moisture.

    The next thing to be done is to use distilled water and a sponge to help prevent any build up in the humidor. This is done by first saturating the sponge and then using it to wipe the interior of the humidor. Exposed interior wood has to be wiped generously, after which the humidor has to be filled up according to specifications.

    The sponge then has to be saturated once again and then placed in the closed humidor for a day, after which it is taken out and its interior wood wiped once more. This ends the seasoning process of the humidor; after which you can refill it.

    The reason the humidor has to be seasoned is that the tobacco of the cigars has to have sufficient moisture to keep it elastic, but not too much to make it expand. This level which prevents the tobacco leaves from getting too brittle and the tobacco leaves from swelling is called the sweet spot, and is usually about 70% RH.

    With the right seasoning and by maintaining the right temperatures and humidity levels in the humidor, you improve the longevity of your cigars and thus maintain your cigar collection for many years to come.  

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  • Watch Winders - The Ideal Gift for Timepiece Collectors

    Posted on November 3, 2008 by SwissTGallery

    Many people collect fine watches. A great gift for them would be a watch winder in which they can display their collection.

    A watch winder is intended to store automatic watches. These watches use the natural motions of the wrist in order to stay wound. However, if they are not worn, these watches wind down within a few days. All their settings – day, date, time etc. – must then be reset.

    In order to prevent this, automatic watches should be stored in a watch winder. These are special cases with specific storage for each watch. A motor is used to rotate each watch to keep it wound.

    Watch winders are also conversation pieces. It is fascinating to look at a watch winder rotating multiple watches, keeping them each in working order. A watch winder is also an excellent choice for displaying multiple fine timepieces. There are models that display single watches but also, two, four, six, eight and even 12 or 24 watches. These watch winders are the mark of a true collector.

    Look for a high-quality watch winder designed to protect its wares. It should have a well-lined interior designed to display the watch to its best advantage. The exterior should have a protective coating designed to prevent dents and nicks. The winder motor should operate at intervals to keep the watches wound but not over-wound.

    People who have become successful enough to have a collection of fine watches would enjoy having a place in which to display them all. Why not consider a gift of a high-quality watch winder?

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  • How to Choose a Gift Jewelry Box

    Posted on October 30, 2008 by SwissTGallery

    A jewelry box is a perfect gift idea for any woman. Here is what to look for in a fine jewelry box.

    Quality workmanship is very important. Jewelry boxes found in discount stores are nice, but sooner or later the poor quality will show: Doors will fall off. The finish will be easily scratched. The lining will come out. By spending a little extra for a high-quality jewelry box, you will be assured that the piece will last for a long time.

    Consider the recipient's needs. Does she own a lot of earrings? Then invest in a jewelry box in which she can assign each pair its own special slot so she can find them easily. Does she have a lot of pieces of sentimental value? Then give her a jewelry box with lots of small drawers so she can give each one a place of honor.

    Consider the décor of the room. Jewelry boxes come in many finishes. Choose one that fits the décor of room in which it will be stored. Also, consider how compact the box should be. If she does not have a lot of space on her dressing table, she would appreciate a jewelry box that closes up to fit a smaller space.

    Make sure the lining of the jewelry box is secure. The lining is intended to prevent the jewelry from becoming scratched and tarnished. Make sure the lining is securely in place.

    Look for added features: A mirror is nice to allow her to check the effect of each piece as she puts it on. Necklace hooks allow her to prevent chains from dangling.

    A jewelry box is a beautiful gift that will give her pleasure for many years to come. Be sure to buy a high-quality box that will last.

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  • How to Select a Humidor

    Posted on October 26, 2008 by SwissTGallery

    A humidor is an excellent gift for a cigar aficionado. Here are some gifts for selecting one.

    A humidor stores cigars at the correct humidity level in order to improve their flavor. If a cigar is too humid, it becomes mushy. If it is too dry, the cigar becomes brittle. A cigar should not be stored in the cigar box it came in. Instead, it should be stored in a humidor.

    The first thing to consider is how often the person smokes cigars or gives them to friends. Small boxes that store fewer than 100 cigars are readily available for less than $100. Humidors that hold more than 300 cigars are also available for not much more.

    A good humidor should have a hygrometer to ensure optimal conditions. It should also have built-in humidifiers and scratch-resistant felt liners. The interior should be made of cedar or some other aromatic wood. The cigars will pick up the scent of the surrounding wood and thus taste even better.

    There are humidors with windows and display shelves. These are ideal for those who enjoy the differences between cigars. On the other hand, a plain wooden box makes an elegant way to present a fine cigar to a guest. Those who have a flair for the unusual may enjoy a pyramid-shaped humidor rather than the usual rectangular box.

    A humidor adds a touch of elegance to any man's study. He will appreciate the ability to store his valued collection in an attractive, durable unit intended specifically for his treasures.

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  • Storage Units Are Excellent Gifts for Collectors

    Posted on October 23, 2008 by SwissTGallery

    Many people collect things. For gift-giving occasions, it may be hard to know what items they already have. Instead consider giving them gifts to store their collection, such as a jewelry box, humidor or watch winder.

    Giving a storage gift shows that the giver understands how much the recipient values his or her collection. Each piece of the collection can be displayed in optimal conditions and protected from harm. For example, a humidor attractively displays fine cigars and keeps them in perfect condition until it is time to smoke them.

    A storage gift also lends an aura of prestige to a collection. Rather than just leaving a fine watch on a dresser drawer, it should be displayed in a glass-enclosed case so that it can be appreciated.

    A storage unit also keeps collections organized. Jewelry collectors appreciate having a special drawer in which to store a particularly valued piece. Earring pairs can be stored together and necklaces can be hung without tangles.

    Of course, these concepts work for other collections as well: stamps, coins, dolls etc. For each, the collector would enjoy having a high-quality storage unit which protects the piece while allowing people to admire it.

    In choosing a storage gift, consider how large the collection is and the décor of the room in which it will be stored. Get a unit large enough so that the recipient can add more pieces.

    It is well worth spending a few extra dollars for a storage unit to house a special collection. The collector will appreciate such a thoughtful gift that allows his or her collection to grow.


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