Cigar Humidors

  • What is a Cigar Humidor?

    Posted on December 21, 2008 by SwissTGallery

    If you don’t smoke cigars regularly or are just getting into the habit, you may not know what a cigar humidor is. Basically, it’s a small box (or it can be a room, but only the biggest cigar collectors actually big a room-sized cigar humidor) that keeps a constant humidity and sometimes temperature. These boxes are used to keep cigars and pipe tobacco at a constant humidity so that they are fresh and keep their scent. Humidors, both box and room-sized ones, use a hygrometer to read the humidity level inside the box.

    There are several different types of small humidors. The first is a table humidor. It can usually hold up to between 300 and a thousand cigars. While a table humidor is very heavy, it is possible to use one as a portable humidor. Table humidors generally have a polished wooded exterior accented with marble or leather.

    A personal humidor is really what a casual cigar smoker would want. These humidors can only hold around 100 to 250 cigars. Since most casual smokers may not have that many cigars, a personal humidor can often be the only humidor needed since there will always be space in it for new cigars.

    If you travel a lot or have a very small cigar collection, you may want to purchase a travel humidor. Travel humidors can carry up to around 50 or so cigars. They’re lighter than both table and personal humidors so you can more easily take them with you wherever you go.

    All of these humidors keep the inside humidity between 65 and 75% relative humidity. The more cigars inside the humidor, the slower the humidity will drop.   

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  • Tips To Take Care of Your Cigar Humidor

    Posted on November 13, 2008 by SwissTGallery

    Everything in life has to be maintained to extend its longevity; cars, swimming pools, watches and even your cigar humidor. Without the proper care and maintenance, all the money that is spent on buying these items could be wasted. This is why cigar hobbyists spend lots of time and money in maintaining their expensive cigar humidor.

    To ensure that a humidor functions properly, you have to season the cigar humidor; this is regardless of the price of the humidor. You have to line its interior with Spanish cedar or mahogany as these woods hold humidity well and have a natural anti-fungal that helps resist mold. However ensure that this wood is kiln dried as kiln dried wood easily absorbs moisture.

    The next thing to be done is to use distilled water and a sponge to help prevent any build up in the humidor. This is done by first saturating the sponge and then using it to wipe the interior of the humidor. Exposed interior wood has to be wiped generously, after which the humidor has to be filled up according to specifications.

    The sponge then has to be saturated once again and then placed in the closed humidor for a day, after which it is taken out and its interior wood wiped once more. This ends the seasoning process of the humidor; after which you can refill it.

    The reason the humidor has to be seasoned is that the tobacco of the cigars has to have sufficient moisture to keep it elastic, but not too much to make it expand. This level which prevents the tobacco leaves from getting too brittle and the tobacco leaves from swelling is called the sweet spot, and is usually about 70% RH.

    With the right seasoning and by maintaining the right temperatures and humidity levels in the humidor, you improve the longevity of your cigars and thus maintain your cigar collection for many years to come.  

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  • How to Select a Humidor

    Posted on October 26, 2008 by SwissTGallery

    A humidor is an excellent gift for a cigar aficionado. Here are some gifts for selecting one.

    A humidor stores cigars at the correct humidity level in order to improve their flavor. If a cigar is too humid, it becomes mushy. If it is too dry, the cigar becomes brittle. A cigar should not be stored in the cigar box it came in. Instead, it should be stored in a humidor.

    The first thing to consider is how often the person smokes cigars or gives them to friends. Small boxes that store fewer than 100 cigars are readily available for less than $100. Humidors that hold more than 300 cigars are also available for not much more.

    A good humidor should have a hygrometer to ensure optimal conditions. It should also have built-in humidifiers and scratch-resistant felt liners. The interior should be made of cedar or some other aromatic wood. The cigars will pick up the scent of the surrounding wood and thus taste even better.

    There are humidors with windows and display shelves. These are ideal for those who enjoy the differences between cigars. On the other hand, a plain wooden box makes an elegant way to present a fine cigar to a guest. Those who have a flair for the unusual may enjoy a pyramid-shaped humidor rather than the usual rectangular box.

    A humidor adds a touch of elegance to any man's study. He will appreciate the ability to store his valued collection in an attractive, durable unit intended specifically for his treasures.

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