• Obtain the ideal gift for your partner online!

    Posted on January 21, 2013 by swisswordpress

    My husband always craved to own a luxurious and automated watch due to its authenticity and demand in today’s emerging trend. I finally got him one for our seventh wedding anniversary. However, the next trouble that aroused in his mind was regarding the storing of the valuable gift for its sustaining condition. We were in search of an appropriate Watch Case that could perfectly fit our requirement.

    Then, with the recommendation of our mutual friend, we came across a website that offered watch winders at various stylish and quality designs. The online store, www.swisstgallery.com, provides an extensive range of the highest quality and luxurious pieces of these watch winders in materials like wood, leather, metal, plastic and much more. I was mesmerized and attracted to every single one of them. We finally decided to place an order for the Wood watch box because it perfectly fitted our budget and love for the craft.

    It is made of the finest quality and my husband is contented with its use since the very first day. Moreover, we have decided to present this unique product to our close relatives and friends. I am sure it will make an ideal and relevant gift for them to receive because of its quality, style and durability.

    Apart from these amazing Watch Boxes, the leading online store also specializes in providing other products such as watch bands, travel tie cases and jewelry boxes. They are all impressive and attractive and very reliable in their rates. I am pleased and relaxed on finding the credible store to gift my husband and recommend others too.

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  • Watch winder! An obsessed gift item

    Posted on November 14, 2012 by swisswordpress

    People love to have automatic watches, because of its classic styles, sophistication and features. However, if you have an automatic watch, need to be a little bit aware about its maintenance and care to ensure seamless performance. I’m truly passionate for my classic automatic watch. However, I had to check my watch after every 24 hour to ensure its winding. A few months ago, my birthday was arrived and my wife gave me lovely and adorable Single watch winders for me. My wife made my day with fascinating watch wider, as I’m a watch lover. I always keep my cherished grandfather watch in this winder and whenever I want miss him, I wear it. Leather watch winders are also quite popular these days, keep watch mechanism in continuous motion, as if you have worn it.

    I personally suggest, Swisstgallery.com to find out superb quality watch winder, watch boxes and bands at great ranges. Once I purchased Leather watch cases for my friend’s anniversary. Believe me! Professionals offer truly exceptional designs and models for watch boxes. I selected only one piece for my friend. Watches cases are just not for displaying classic automatic watches, but it also protects the valuable watch from environmental elements. I’ve many classic watches and 3 watch winders that protect my valuable timepiece whenever I don’ wear it. If you leave your automatic watch into the drawer or cupboard for many days, have an elegant watch winder for you. It amazingly works!

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  • Your guide to watch winders and their usages

    Posted on November 14, 2011 by SwissTGallery


    In this competitive world of today, there is no place for delay. The entire career of a person is decided in matter of seconds and it takes no effort to lose all that you have amassed all your life. Owning a watch is thus one of the most basic requisites today and there is no human who would deny the absolute necessity of having one. A watch winder is a very important add on if you own a watch that is not automated. Read along to get an insight on the various aspects of a single watch winder and the necessity of the dual watch winder.


    Taking of its mechanical making, the watch winder is a simple device that works on the principle of motor and rotator. These types of watches that need a self-winding or automatic watch winder to keep running are called self-winding watches. The common watches of today contain quartz that provides the required kinetic energy to wind the tiny gears and weights that form the internal make-up of the watches. Older watches and exotic collectibles still work on the gravitational pull mechanism and depend on either the user to wind it manually after a certain specific period or the use of a single watch winder to do the same. The electrical motor in an automatic watch winder winds the gear system on its own even when you do not wear the watch for prolonged periods.


    A dual watch winder works exactly the same way as the singular watch winder with the only difference being the number of watches you can regulate with it at the same time. As the name suggests, the dual watch winder is capable of winding two watches and hence is more effective.


    There are several advantages of using winders as they save time and effort spent in winding the watches manually. In addition, they increase the mechanical efficiency and overall longevity of the watches.


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