• What is a Watch Winder?

    Posted on July 8, 2009 by SwissTGallery

    For those of us who own expensive, collectible, or otherwise precious watches it is wise to invest in a wooden watch winder. A watch winder will ensure that your time piece is kept accurate when you are not wearing it, extend the life of your watch by keeping everything in motion and lubricated, and also keep it safe from dust when it is not being worn.

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  • Cigar Humidors for Sale

    Posted on June 22, 2009 by SwissTGallery

    The fact the cigar humidors are for sale online is pretty important to a new or experienced cigar connoisseur. It is a sign of the times in many ways, and a truth that is reliant on the great direction the internet is taking now, the importance of credibility.

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  • Wolf Designs: The History of an Automatic Watch Winder Company

    Posted on June 18, 2009 by SwissTGallery

    In fact, the Watch Winder 2.0 was designed to simulate wearing a watch, so your watches will be wound in the best way possible. Some cheaper watch winders run all the time, but that’s certainly not good for your collectibles.

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  • Purchasing a Wooden Watch Winder

    Posted on June 16, 2009 by SwissTGallery

    One of the most beautiful types of watch winders out there are wooden watch winders. While some watch winders are encased in metal or even a type of plastic, these watch winders are sometimes cheaper looking and oftentimes not very high quality at all.

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  • Where will you Keep your Wooden Cigar Humidor?

    Posted on June 11, 2009 by SwissTGallery

    Thinking of a wooden cigar humidor conjures a series of images in my mind, I think about what kind of cigar does it hold, who is the man who owns it, does he keep it on a great wooden desk where he does his work...

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  • How to buy a Wooden Cigar Humidor

    Posted on May 26, 2009 by SwissTGallery

    For every cigar collector, whether they are a novice or master, the purchase of the cigar humidor is one of the most important decisions to be made.  For those just starting with their cigar collection this may be a very daunting task.  Here are some helpful tips to consider when choosing your wooden cigar humidor.  The first thing to decide is what type of humidor you need; will you need to store twenty cigars or three-hundred cigars, better to figure that out early.  It should be large enough to hold all of your cigars loosely, if you plan on storing more then one type of cigar then look for one with dividers to protect the taste.  Once you know the size you need, you are good to go picking out a wooden cigar humidor that suits you and the environment meant to be it's home.  You can find exceptional wooden cigar humidors for affordable prices, so save your money for what really counts, the cigars.

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  • Collecting Wooden Cigar Humidors

    Posted on May 20, 2009 by SwissTGallery

    Many people collect cigars, but there are some people out there who enjoy collecting wooden cigar humidors as well. These people often actually enjoy the humidors more than they do smoking the cigars. They will go out of their way to find some of the most unique humidors out there. If you’re one of these people, here are some tips for finding really neat wooden cigar humidors for sale.

    First, you may want to pick up the basic humidors: while standard, square humidors may not appeal to you, you may enjoy the pyramid shaped ones. These are interesting containers that look pretty neat in just about any room. They’re also more widely available than other, more unique wooden cigar humidors, so you should be able to find one pretty easily and for a reasonable price.

    If you like more unique humidors, though, you’ll have to search them out. These can include cigar humidors shaped like famous landmarks or decorated in an unusual way. Some may even be made out of special wood, although you have to be careful that these won’t disrupt the smell or flavor of the cigars you store in them. Finding these wooden cigar humidors for sale can be difficult, though. You will rarely find them at traditional humidor stores. Instead, you’ll need to look in more unusual places, such as estate sales and antique stores.

    Other great places to search for wooden cigar humidors that are a bit out of the ordinary include small, local cigar stores and the internet. The smaller, locally-ran cigar stores sometimes have different items than the larger stores do. The internet, too, is a great place to find unique items. You may find these on an online auction site, or you may find a fellow collector who is selling his collection.

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  • Availability of Watch Winders Today

    Posted on May 18, 2009 by SwissTGallery

    When it comes to hobbies, some seem to be enjoyed by just about everyone, but some seem to be only enjoyed by just a few. Collecting watches is one of the latter—it seems like there are very few people who collect watches. Some who do seem to only care about displaying the family watches they’ve inherited instead of expanding their collection. In addition to it being difficult to find other watch aficionados, it can be quite difficult to find places to purchase watch winder accessories and displays.

    Finding an automatic watch winder can be somewhat difficult if you don’t know where exactly to look. Most likely, you won’t be able to find one at a local department store. You’ll need to look around for a specialty shop. You may not even be able to find an automatic watch winder at a specialty cabinet shop, however. If that’s the case, it’s time to start searching in a few other places.

    One is an antiques store. These stores often carry watches and the displays for them. There’s a chance you’ll even get a very good deal on an older automatic watch winder. There’s also a chance, however, that the antiques dealer will have priced the winder for more than it’s worth.

    If that’s the case, you may want to look online for your automatic watch winder. This is, in fact, probably the best place to search. You’ll find some online stores that sell brand new watch winders, and you may find some older winders on an auction site. Again, these auction sites could result in a great bargain, or they may be priced too high. Do some shopping around and find the best deal.

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  • How to Season your Wooden Cigar Humidor

    Posted on May 11, 2009 by SwissTGallery

    So you just procured your wooden cigar humidor and now you are ready to start seasoning your cigars.  The first and most important step is very important and it is, do not put your cigars in it.  That is right an unseasoned humidor can actually ruin your precious cigars, the same is true of an old humidor.  The reason for this is that the very special wood inside of the humidor is actually a crucial part of the humidification process, and before the wooden humidor is properly seasoned it can actually pull the moisture out of your cigars, of course not what you had in mind.  Not to worry there are some easy steps you can take to season your wooden cigar humidor that will have it ready to go in very little time.

    The first step to seasoning your humidor is to wipe down the interior with a clean unscented sponge or cloth using distilled water.  It is important to use distilled water for this part of the process as it protects your investment from impurities.  Using the distilled water and the sponge or cloth carefully wipe down all of the interior wood of your humidor.  After you are done take the sponge or cloth, making sure it is not overly saturated and place it on a piece of cellophane or plastic bag inside the humidor.  Be careful not to let it directly touch any of the wood.  Now, sponge or cloth in place, fill up your humidification device to the manufacturers specifications and insert it in your wooden cigar humidor.  Close the humidor lid and let it sit for twenty-four hours.  After twenty-four hours have passed repeat the entire process except do not leave your sponge and cloth inside of the humidor this time.  The next day when you come back to your humidor it should be ready for cigars, make sure that you can not feel any dampness on the interior wood before adding your cigars.

    So by following these simple steps you can season your new wooden cigar humidor for use in forty-eight hours.  This process will help ensure that you get the most out of your investment and can enjoy it’s benefit for years to come.

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  • Travel Humidors Allow You to Have a Great Cigar Anywhere

    Posted on April 26, 2009 by SwissTGallery

    Smoking a great cigar in your own home is easy.  You just go to your humidor and remove your cigar.  However, if you’re traveling, it can be a bit more difficult.  Sure, you can put cigars in a cigar box, but they’re no longer as protected from the elements, and they’re no longer kept at that perfect temperature and humidity.  However, there are a number of travel humidors you can purchase that guarantee your cigars will be kept at the perfect temperature and ready for you to smoke. All of these travel humidors are, of course, waterproof, and all of them are designed to keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke for weeks at a time.

    When selecting a travel humidor, there are several things you must take into consideration.  The first is use.  If you’re going to be taking many week-long or longer trips, you may want a travel humidor that can hold a number of cigars.  One of the largest travel humidors you’ll find holds around 100 cigars, but you most likely won’t need that large of one.  You’ll find many travel humidors that hold 30 cigars, and that’s usually about right for most people who travel a lot.

    There are actually many smaller travel humidors that can be used for various things.  There are some that only hold two or five cigars.  These small travel humidors are designed for the man on the go.  Many take them out to the club or to the golf course so they can have a smoke while relaxing.  For those who love their golf and their cigars, these small travel humidors are a great investment.

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