Swisstgallery Humidor Instructions

To ensure the humidor works properly, please follow the steps below to prepare your humidor for use in storing cigars. If you wish to use solutions to better maintain your cigars, please purchase the solution at a local cigar shop and ask them how many drops and preparation methods if it is not included with the solution. Otherwise, follow the steps below for an easy in home preparation with distilled water.

  • Submerge the humidifiers provided with your humidor (black plastic in box or oval shapes) in distilled water and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Remove them from the water and wipe the outside of the humidifiers dry and let it sit on a clean towel to make sure the water is not dripping out.          
  • Wipe the interior of your humidor down with distilled water using a clean cloth. Make sure that you do not leave water dripping but just use enough to wet the interior of your humidor.          
  • Place a small cup of distilled water into the humidor and attach the humidifiers back into place.          
  • The process for the humidor to set up may range from 3-6 days. Please check the hygrometer for proper reading before placing your cigars into the humidor.

If you need to test and calibrate your hygrometer, please follow the steps below.

  • Place a small amount of salt (teaspoon or so) into a small cup and put a few drops of distilled water into it.          
  • Place the dampened salt and hygrometer inside a well sealed container or zip lock bag that is clear to ensure you can read the RH level.          
  • After about 6 hours the hygrometer should read at 75%. If your reading is off make sure you have followed the correct steps and adjust the hygrometer accordingly by adding or subtracting the missing RH to it.          
  • I.e. If after 6 hours your hygrometer reads 71%, adjust the hygrometer in the back with a flat tip screwdriver 4% to be at 75%. This will calibrate your hygrometer correctly.