All of our Berlich models are crafted with the 2010 fuzzy logic integration. The fuzzy logic in Berlich watch winders is designed to simply the complexity of many watch winder modes.

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy logic programming allows the watch winder motors to run on one mode; moving both clockwise and counter-clockwise automatically. One mode simplifies the process of different unnecessary modes that create a programming nightmare. One mode allows for any watch to be displayed with any other watch on the same turning plate. The 2010 fuzzy logic programming runs for 90 seconds clockwise, then automatically alternates for 90 seconds in the counter-clockwise direction. The function continues this operation for approximately 10 minutes. The turning plate next will stop in the “rest position” for approximately 30 minutes. The unit then repeats the entire movement cycle. The movement of the watch winder in both directions has “no” negative affect on a watch winder. The “rest position” is important as to keep the watch from turning in constant motion. The “rest position” reduces effects of wear from moving parts in later years. The watch winder movement does not over wind watches. A “slipping mainspring” was invented by Adrien Phillipe, found of Patek Phillipe in 1862 to prevent watches from being over wound. Information on this can be found by searching automatic watch at


Fuzzy Logic Technology


Fuzzy-logic is the latest improvement to high quality watch winders.  This improvement allows watch winders run clockwise and counter-clockwise, as wel as rest for a period of time.  Different companies offer different time settings.  Earlier models of fuzzy logic had different seeting to find the movement of diferent watches.  Improvements to this Technology have made one setting available to catch the movement of all watches.  Whether a watch winder has one setting or multiple settings does not make one watch winder beter than another.  What is important is that the watch winder has fuzzy logic technology.  This is important for 2 reasons.  The first is so the watches are not in constant movement.  Perpetual watches, Ex; Breitling, consist of  gears.  This gears need time to rest for longevity of those gears.  The more gears get used, the more they get worn down.  The same is true for the second reason of the importance of fuzzy logic.  The fuzzy logic allows the watch winder to rest for periods of time.  This allows the watch winder motor to cool down down.  If any motor does not have some time of cooling system or the ability to cool down, it will wear down faster.  Fuzzy logic adds longevity to watch winder motors as it allows the motor to cool down properly.  We hopes this gives insight to cutomers looking for the best product available.  All watch winders at have fuzzy-logic technology.  We have the best motors availbale.  If you are ever told low priced have low quality motors, know you know the fact behind the talk.  The difference in the qulaity of a watch winder is the contruction of the unit, what is is made from, and the type of motor it conceals.     

High Quality Material


The important make-up of a good watch winder is the material of which it is made. Many retailers of watch winders claim to watch out for low priced watch winders.  Yet the products they offer are made from plastic.  Chances are that product was made on an assembly line, thrown in a box, with no inspection.  Their is a greater chance this product is not working properly.  Those retailers with high prices may charge more because they have a high rate of return on their product which leads to a higher cost per unit.  In short, this means the product is lower in quality. offers them same warranties as our competitor's but have a low percentage of returns.  And we assure you that every customer that has any problem is taken care of.

The products we offer are made from real wood.  We ask our customers exactly what they demand and try to find it for them.  In doing this, we have found ways to cut costs and offer a low cost, great quality watch winder.  Let us further explain.  Our Berlich series watch winder was once made with a leather interior.  It was more expensive to produce.  Now they are made with an artificial baby lamb skin interior.  The cost is lower for the artificail baby lamb interior but our customer slike this better.  Why?  It is not real animal skin and because the leather gets easily damaged and is hard to up-keep.  White leather stains easily from the constant residue left behind by watches from normal use.  Let us give you anothe reason.  The glass on top was once made from real glass. Real glass has a high cost factor because it is vey fragile.  We came to find that many of our customers were dissatified because they would drop their watch on the glass causing it to break the glass.  We then switched many of our units to a plexiglass.  This led to great things.  Less damages in shipping, more satified customers, and a lower priced watch winder. 

Please understand, we offer a great quality watch winder from real wood.  There are better products available.  Those watch winders made from precious metals are an excellent quality watch winder.  They are very expensive to manufacture. 


The Products We Sell


The majority of the customers we represent simply want something nice to display their watch in while giving their time-piece proper movement.  Our customers have spent their money on the true masterpiece, the watch. A perputual watch, if made properly, is a sofisticated piece of machinery consisting of very small pieces made from metal. These small pieces are very difficult to manufacture and require a series of tests to make sure they will work properly for a long period of time.  This testing becomes very costly.  Moreover, a watch winder, if made properly, should be hand crafted, made from a quality material, and should contain fuzzy logic technology.  Their simply is no genuis behind a watch winder.  A watch winder is a handcrafted item. The watch winders at contain all features mentioned.  When purchasing a watch winder, please made sure you do not buy it because you are told it is at a high price so it must be high quality.  There is is no fact to that statement.  It simply makes no sense.

 Some companies attempt to sell watch winders 200% higher of our retail price and the unit is made of plastic.  Please know that our units are hand made from real wood.  Also, If you are unsure of where to purchase, we offer a highly trained customer support team who have been educated in the the knowledge of our products, not in the sales skills our products.  If you have any doubts as to your purchase, we invite you to simply call and ask all information you can regarding our products.  Our customer service center is available Monday thru Friday, 9AM to 5PM MST. 

General Berlich Watch Winder Instructional Information


A watch winder truly does not wind a watch but rather “mimmicks” the movement of the wrist. An automatic watch recognizes this movement and continues to keep proper time as if on the wrist. An 80% charge to an automatic watch makes a watch more sensitive to the to watch winder for improved performance. Read below about properly winding your watch below under winding a watch.

Berlich watch winder instructions

You simply remove the “free Form” watch pillow from the winder slot and insert it into the band of the watch winder. Next, return the watch and inserted pillow into the watch winder slot. It is very important to perform this operation while the watch winder is turned off from the backside switch. Once the watch or watches have been returned to the watch winder, you simply turn the unit on at the back switch. The watch winder does the rest. The unit will run and stop at its normal time intervals as described in detail under Fuzzy Logic details above.

2 Unit Watch Winder Instructions

These units allow for the use of 1 or 2 watches at any given time on the turning plate. The 2 unit watch winders are designed with 1 turning plate that is controlled by one power switch on the backside. The power switch turns the unit on and off. The 2 unit watch winders can wind a minimum of 1 watch. Different models can store from 1 to 3 additional watches of any choice whether automatic or not.

2 Unit Battery and AC Adaptor Option

All Berlich models come standard with a removable AC adaptor cord fro the use of plugging the unit into an electrical wall outlet. An additional option for all 2 unit Berlich watch winders is a battery compartment built into the bottom of the unit which requires (2) AA batteries. (Not included) The battery capability feature allows the unit to run without the use of an electrical cord. This allows the unit to be stored in a closet of high on a shelf in an office. We recommend this feature at checkout as cannot be added to the AC only models later. The battery capability compartment is a built in feature that cannot be added to AC only models later.

4 Unit Berlich Watch Winder Instructions

These Berlich watch winder models can perform the use of (2) watches, (1) in each plate, or a total of 4 watches, (2) in each plate. Each plate can use (2) watches or (1) watch. Watch winder input instructions can be found under General Watch Winder Instructional Information above. The Berlich 4 unit watch winders run on (1) power switch located on the backside. The power switch operates both plates, controlling all watches in this unit. Additional storage is provided in all Berlich 4 unit watch winder models to store (4) to (6) additional watches depending on the model.

8 Unit Berlich Watch Winder Instructions

The 8 unit watch winder models can wind as little as (1) watch at any given time to a maximum of (8) watches. Watch input instructions can be found above under General Berlich Watch Winder Instructional Information. Berlich 8 unit watch winders run by (2) power switches found on the backside. Each power switch controls 2 plates to operate a total of (4) watches. If desired, (1) watch may be put into each plate that allows for (2) watches. This remains consistent with heavier watches. Different 8 unit Berlich watch winder models allow for storage of (4) additional watches and up to (12) additional watches. Details of storage can be found under the details page of each 8 unit model. The Berlich 8 unit models are designed with AC adaptor only to plug into a wall. Past designs have shown that batteries for 8 units watch winders simply to not sustain a long enough life for customer expectations.

Winding a Watch


Many automatic watches run on the movement of the wrist. The movement of the wrist does not actually wind the watch but perpetuates the gearing of the watch to continue moving. The only way to truly wind a watch is by turning it at the crown where the date and time is adjusted. In many watches the crown can be extended outward to perform different functions such as changing the date or time. Usually, the first extension outward is the setting that winds the watch. By turning the watch toward you(clockwise) or away from you(counter-clockwise) winds the watch. Again, different watches have different ways to wind the watch and you may need to consult your watch dealer. In many cases, the winding of the watch can be felt and heard with a “grinding” sound when rotating the watch. Some watches require an 80% charge to work properly with watch winders. Many require none. An 80% charge or “wind” of the watch can be achieved by turning the crown about 15 to 20 turns or revolutions. It all depends on the internal gearing of the specific watch movement. As a watch winder dealer, does not know the movements of watches. Please consult your watch dealer for details on the movement of your watch and how it operates.